How to enable User’s Library folder

Starting with Lion, you’ll need to enable the User’s Library folder in order to make any changes in your User’s Library/Preferences.

Option 1)

Select the Finder in the Dock. Under Go in the Menu bar > hold down the Option key and you’ll see the Library.


Option 2)

Open the Terminal and type

chflags nohidden /Users/[username]/Library/

Return key to activate

Option 3)  

Starting with Mavericks, Apple gave us a new option to turn on the User’s Library folder.

To toggle this option on, simply open a new Finder window and go to your home folder. Then press Command-J or choose “Show View Options” from the View menu. When done, you should see an option to “Show Library Folder” among other view options, which can be checked to reveal the Library folder.






7 thoughts on “How to enable User’s Library folder

  1. Thank you. But about 15 minutes into the import the error message came up telling me to make sure I have available space in my home folder and then try again. I don’t know how to do that. I’d so appreciate any help you can give me.

    • If you open Disk Utility in Applications/Utilities, you can select your drive to see how much free space is on the drive. It’s recommended that you have a minimum of 10% free. If you received the error I suspect you are very close to full which can freeze your computer.

      Problems from Insufficient RAM and Free Hard Disk Space

      Go to Downloads folder and delete downloads. Delete the Trash. This should help but it’s a first step.

      I highly recommend that you purchase an external drive if you do not have one and clone your drive to the external. Use SuperDuper to clone. It’s free. Now you have all your data saved to the external drive. It’s bootable too. This means if something were to happen to your drive, you can attach the drive to another computer and select it as a startup drive and be back in your data.

      If you purchase one of the larger 2T or 3T drives, you can drag over some of your larger files to free up space. Then delete off your main drive. Usually it’s pictures, music and movies. You can reset both iPhoto and iTunes to launch the library from the external.

      Download OmniDiskSweeper to help find your large files. It’s free.

      If you need personal assistance, I offer private consulting.

  2. I chose Option 3 but it didn’t work. I still have to use the Option button. Perhaps when I reboot it will be a different story. If not, I will try the terminal method. Thanks.

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