How to find 32-bit apps installed on your Mac

Apple announced that 32-bit apps will be phased out starting in January 2017. At WWDC, Apple announced macOS High Sierra will be the last macOS release to support 32-bit apps without compromise.

Long time Mac users will remember when PowerPC apps stopped working when OS X 10.7 Lion was released. If you do not upgrade past Sierra, you can continue to use your 32-bit apps.

If you do plan on upgrading to High Sierra or if you get a new Mac that has High Sierra, you’ll need to know which apps will continue to work. While the upgrade to High Sierra will be free, upgrading some apps like Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 will require a paid upgrade.

Use the Activity Monitor to find the 32-bit apps installed on your Mac

  • Open Activity Monitor in Applications/Utilities.
  • Under View in the Menu bar, select Columns and add Kind.
  • Click on the Kind column to view the 32 bit apps found on your Mac.
  • Note: this only shows apps that are open.

I sorted on Microsoft to show that Office for Mac 2011 is 32-bit.
Office for Mac 2016 is 64-bit.

Use System Profiler to find all 32 bit apps installed on your Mac

  1. Under the Apple in the Menu bar, select “About this Mac”
  2. Select System Report
  3. Select Applications. It will take a bit to populate this list.
  4. Make the window larger to view 64 bit
  5. Click on the 64-bit column to sort. All 32-bit will have No.