Are you a long time Mac user or are you new to Mac? Regardless of your skill level or background, I can help you with your Mac. I use screen sharing to collaborate with you while we chat via the phone or Skype.

I use TeamViewer for screen sharing. Download Teamviewer Quick Support. If you still using an older version OS X (10.6.8 or older), you can download TeamViewer using this link

I charge $38.50/hour with a minimum charge of one hour. You can contact me for an estimate and discuss your problem (15 min). I start scheduling appointments at 11AM Pacific time with the latest appointment at 8PM. I’m available week-ends. For clients outside the US, I can accept a late appointment.

Phone hours between 11AM – 8PM Pacific time.
Clients out of the US can contact me on Skype.

Click on this link to contact me

I accept checks for verified users otherwise you can pay using PayPal.

Need Help?

  • Learning
  • Installing
  • Upgrading
  • Troubleshooting
  • Backup
  • Purchasing hardware and software

I’ve been a Microsoft Mac MVP for over 14 years and  specialize in the recover of Entourage & Outlook for Mac Identities along with the install & upgrade of Microsoft Office for Mac.

I’ve moved many Outlook users to Apple Mail and can help with the migration of your data or Mail problems in general.

Entourage & Outlook Mac recovery: I can do the work for you, or personally direct you in the recovery process. I prefer to screen share and do the work on your Mac. I can use Dropbox if you need to send me your data for recovery.

For Entourage 2004  users that moved to Lion or newer and cannot import their Entourage data, I do the recovery and move to either Entourage 2008, Outlook 2011 or Apple apps. Depending on the size of the database and amount of corruption, charges vary.

Charges to rebuild Entourage or Outlook Identity:

Each Identity is unique in the amount of work it takes to recover the data. Contact me for an estimate.

Special Help for ‘Do it Yourself’ Users. Some users like to do the work themselves but need guidance. I offer my services as a guide, but the charge for this back and forth help is not by my hourly rate.


I have a minimum of $38.50 for support help. I do charge for email support. Whether I’m talking to you or writing emails (which generally take me longer to do), it’s my time spent with you personally. If you want free help, you can always ask on the forums.

Apple Discussions

Answers -Office for Mac

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  1. Thank you for your response! I guess that I need my identities rebuilt. I will upload to Dropbox now so that it is there already. Do I need OS 10.6 or can I rebuild myself? I want to have this ready for outlook 2011 on maverick. Thanks in advance. Leif

  2. Hi,

    I am from Singapore, get your info thru forum.
    I am not able to export my outlook for mac 2011 olm file.
    it say need to rebuild, and stop at step 4 with belows errors:
    Your database could not be rebuilt. [-18000]
    Can you help?

    Jason Thong

  3. Outlook wont even start completely for me to take up any back up of database. It simply shuts after few seconds of starting with an error “Microsoft outlook must be closed because an error occurred. Any unsaved work may be lost” QUIT ! Couldn’t find any post on your blog about such situation, wonder if there is a solution to this. Rebuilding Main Identity will make it worse as per you. And new identity created enable outlook to function properly but no old mails can be found. Please suggest if there is a solution.

    • Open in Applications/Utilities. Enter Outlook in the top search box. Paste in the last few lines in the log entries in a reply. Let me know specifically if you see any 255 errors. You might want to search on 255 as well.

      What version Outlook?
      How big is the Data Records folder? Do a Get Info to find size.
      How much free space on your drive? Use Disk Utility in Applications/Utilities to find available space.

      • 03/02/15 6:31:38.204 pm Microsoft Outlook[686]: GetDYLDEntryPointWithImage(/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CacheDelete.framework/CacheDelete,CacheDeleteCopyPurgeableSpaceWithInfo) failed.
        03/02/15 6:31:43.956 pm Microsoft Outlook[686]: NSSoftLinking – The ShareKit framework’s library couldn’t be loaded from /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/ShareKit.framework/Versions/A/ShareKit.
        03/02/15 6:31:43.971 pm Microsoft Outlook[686]: NSSoftLinking – The ShareKit framework’s library couldn’t be loaded from /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/ShareKit.framework/Versions/A/ShareKit.
        03/02/15 6:31:43.971 pm Microsoft Outlook[686]: NSSoftLinking – The ShareKit framework’s library couldn’t be loaded from /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/ShareKit.framework/Versions/A/ShareKit.

        Outlook version is 14.4.7

        Data record folder is close to 11 GB

        I have close to 800 GB Disk space free

  4. Can you assist me in rebuilding Outlook Database, on Mac using Office 365 version 14.4.7 I had already rebuild it several times before I read your blog, so I hope data can be recovered.

  5. Hi Diane,

    My Macbook Pro crashed a few days ago and I did a system restore via time machine dated Feb. 27, 2015 10:30 AM.

    When I opened Outlook, it said I need to rebuild my identity. I did that, however, the emails that appear are up to Dec. 9, 2014. I looked at the identities and the Main Identity (May 3 2013), Identity 1 (Dec. 9, 2014). I also look at time machine for other backups dated on Feb. 27, 2015 3:14 AM, Jan 25, 2015 and the dates on the identities were the same. Can you help me retrieve the emails that are missing up to Feb. 27, 2015?

  6. Hi Diane,

    My Outlook stop working. I can only see Outlook header when I try to open and nothing else – desktop background. I couldn’t rebuild main identity, error “Your database could not be rebuilt. [-18000]”. Can’t export messages.
    So I created new identity with folder messages and messages attachment. If I move any other folder it can be rebuild, but same problem can’t open Outlook. I freed up to 70% of space but still nothing. With this new identity I can open Outlook but messages are not shown.
    Do you have any suggestion?
    Thank you.

  7. Hi Diane,
    You seem to be the Internets leading expert on this, and I have the same problem as most – Outlook just quit, and I’m getting the -18000 error when trying to rebuild the database.
    I had tried to restore a couple of times before I ready that you need lots of space. The database is 30 gig, originally I had 100 gig but that did not work, so I created up to 400 gig by removing a lot of files onto an external hard drive.
    I have a back up on Time Machine – but not sure how helpful that is really.
    I have read through a lot of your help posts, and I understand some things, but not all. I just want to get this back up and running, so would like you to personally walk me through this.
    My Email is IMAP.
    Can you please contact me for a private session.

  8. Diane – you are absolutely wonderful to work with. The time I would have spent to solve my problems via the usual route – scouring forums/help from well-intentioned friends, etc – would have been weeks, if not longer to have me solved all of my issues that you solved in hours. Some of the best money I have ever spent. You went above and beyond my expectations … I am so very grateful for your help.
    I am also very relieved, in knowing that you are there to attend to some ‘housekeeping and tidy-ups’ a coupe of times each year … thanks again.
    John Will

  9. Downloaded Office 2016 for Mac.. and installer will not open. I’ve downloaded Microsoft Office 365 three times and have gone to install it and installer bounces and a tiny thing pops up saying it is verifying an then nothing happens.

    • It’s possible the download did not complete. Check the size of the download. I don’t have the latest download, but the size should be around 1.16 GB. Earlier version were larger so I can’t give you the exact size. Note, on the forum you mentioned the Preview. This is no longer valid. The Preview period has ended. You can get the 30 day trial on Office365.

      If you feel you have a complete download, try restarting in Safe Boot mode then run the installer.

      Safe boot

      * shutdown
      * start the Mac and *wait* for the startup chime to sound
      * after the sound, press and hold down the shift key
      * keep holding and *wait* until the grey  Apple logo appears
      * now release the shift key and just wait (it could take a few minutes)
      * eventually the login screen appears with the words SAFE BOOT
      * continue to login to see if the problem goes away.

  10. Hi, hopefully you can help. My iMac started doing weird things in Entourage (Office for Mac 2008), so I decided to restart the computer. When I did so, a message came up something to the effect of “Select database to maintain” and it gave me four options, the first one being the default “Verify database Integrity” which I did. Took more than an hour and when completed it said something about problems being found and that I should rebuild the database, so I did that too. Took about two hours. When completed it came back to the message window that it started with “Verify database to maintain’, with the same four options, except the choice was the main identity or the reformatted one with the current date on it. so I selected that one and the verify database integrity again. I couldn’t get out of the program, it just kept running the one hour review of the integrity and giving me the same options, quit or continue. I couldn’t get it to start entourage.
    A friend tried all kinds of things from my back up drive and same thing, the four options, over and over. Finally on one of the back ups dating January 25th, it stopped recycling. In the meantime, upon restoring from that, I lost all my emails from January 25th through March 5th. Is there anything you can do? I’m happy to send you a thumb drive with the last back up rather than trying to walk me through this, it’s not my forte!
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  11. Hi Diane
    I too have the “cannot be rebuilt [-18000]” for my Outlook database
    after restoring from TimeMachine

    Can you help me with this?

  12. Hi Diane

    I am using outlook 2011 mac, when i click on Junk Mail or Deleted Items folder it says to rebuild the database and when i do that it fails with error -18000

    May i know how much you charge me to repair this please?


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